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Coming from generations of hunters, I was in the woods hunting at a very young age, where I acquired the respect and the love for the outdoors.

I started the Outfitting Business in the year 2000 at our family owned ranch in the Florida Everglades and expanded to Leased Land in various parts of Georgia where the population of Gobblers and Trophy Deer are countless. We concentrated in this region of the country because of that fact.

We were very fortunate to acquire our own piece of hunting heaven in Macon County, Georgia in 2006, where we built a beautiful Log Cabin geared for the comfort of our guests and the hunting atmosphere we as hunters so much enjoy.

Enjoy this hunt that takes place on our trophy managed ranch of continuous Hardwood Buttoms, Pine Plantation and River Bottoms. Our food plots for turkey are Chufa, Proso Millet, Brown Topmillet and corn, so they do not seek food anywhere else. We plant Clovers, Soy Beans, Rye, Oats, corn and Cow Peas to assure deer become trophies from one Hunting Season to the next.

I take pride in our vast list of customers that range from local hunters to International hunters seeking trophy game.

I challenge you to experience harvesting your dream trophy and assure your experience with our Outfit will be one to be unmatched by any other.

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts And Lodging
Double G Outfitters
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